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Sale of our farm in Picardy
Through the agency Les Sept Vallées, my husband and I bought our farm in Picardy 19 years ago. We enjoyed our days in France very much..
Unfortunately, after the death of my husband the maintenance of the house and the gardens was too heavy for me. In December 2016 I put the house for sale by Willliam. In early February he found a serious buyer. Then William organized all the procedures involving the sale and the French succession.  I am very satisfied with the way things have unfolded and I recommend the agency Les Sept Vallées highly.
William, thank you very much for your commitment and your patience with the notary.
Adrie (June 2017)

Sale of our house in Dorengt

Geraldine and William, 
Connie and I would like to thank you for the kind and professional guidance during the sale of our property in Dorengt, Picardy. 
Kind regards, Hans Westerveld (june 2017).

Sale of "Le Moulin de la Ville" in Le Châtelet-en-Berry
Dear William,
We would like to thank you for the sale of our Mill.
We are very pleased with the entire transaction.
Thanks again.
Greetings Toon and Marijke (May 2017)

Thank you
In the meanwhile, the money has arrived on our account! Thank you for having settled everything. We recommended your agency to our French friends in the village.


Family den Hollander

Notice of Objection Plus Value 
Dear William,
Today I received a message from the French tax authorities that your notice of objection against the increase in our plus value taxation has been granted. It was a substantial amount of money! It is therefore useful for sellers of a house in France to submit a notice of objection.


Thank you
Dear William, 
Thank you for taking care of the sale of our house in Crupilly. We know where to find you if we decide again to buy a second home in France!

Johan and Marjan v/d Hoeven

Sale Le Moulin de Camerolle, Saint Privé (Bourgogne) 
Dear William,  

The sale of our Moulin de Camerolle in France has been completed this week! We are all very happy! You have been very successful. A sale within 1 year since the first time we came into your office. It was a great collaboration! You know your work well; it is obvious that you know what you are talking about! Perhaps a new slogan ...: Opt for " Les Sept Vallées ", you won’t regret!!

Henk and Layla

My experiences with 7V 
Dear William,
Thank you for the help you have given us over the last few years. I think we can talk about a long and pleasant collaboration. First of all and long ago, for the support and help for the purchase of our house in 2001. The collaboration between your agency in the Netherlands and the agency in France makes the process of a purchase in France much less complicated.

The good advice during the visits and the search for the right accommodation, as well as assisting with the paperwork have helped a lot. Several procedures in France are somewhat different than in the Netherlands. And not to mention your patience and perseverance while working with the French notaries. A sale after a marriage separation in an economic crisis is never fun and a lot of emotions play a role. What should we do? Rent the house and wait for better (uncertain) times?

But thanks to your perseverance, your good advice and the search of buyers by William of The Seven Valleys real estate, the sale finally completed successfully. I recommend Les Sept Vallées to everyone for a sale and / or purchase. It is an agency unlike any other. This qualitative and committed professional organization, which has years of experience, can easily be distinguished in the market. They proved it to me.


Purchase and sale of "La Garenne" 
About 16 years ago, we approached the agency "Les Sept Vallées" to buy our hunting lodge in Aix en Issart in Pas de Calais. And at the beginning of this year we also sold it through them. We did not expect it would go this fast. We had good contact as from the first moment, they were very friendly and when something was not clear to us, we could ask all of our questions to William, who answered us very quickly.
We would like to thank the team from the Netherlands as well as the team from France for their very correct way of working. If you want to buy or sell in France, we recommend Les Sept Vallées without hesitation! You will not regret it.

Family de Bruin
Gerrit and Greet


Dear sir Van Vemde,
With pleasure I recommend you as well as your French colleagues. The real estate agence "Les Sept Vallées", located in Deventer and Zoetermeer (Netherlands) as well as in the North of France, helped me in a very exemplary way to find the right house at a decent price. The agencies are excellent intermediaries between buyer and seller. No time or effort is spared. In addition, they also guided us through the French notary and legal regulations. This may sound cliché but as it says : "Here the customer is King". I can only highly recommend them.


Sale of a "farmhouse" in St. Acheul

16 years ago, we bought - via the agency Les Sept Vallées - a so-called Fermette in St. Acheul (department Somme, Picardy). There was a lot of work but at the time we still had a lot of energy. After two years of work we had a comfortable accommodation which we could later enlarge with a piece of land where there was a large orchard. Now, 16 years later, we decided to sell our house via the agency Les Sept Vallées. To our surprise, there was a preliminary agreement within 10 days. Everything went well. The support of Les Sept Vallées was very useful and effective. In other words, a very effective process.

Wim Verzijden


In 1999, we bought our dream house with Les Sept Vallées Immobilier. Located directly on one of the rivers in a valley which defines the "Sept" in the name of this agency. Then we enjoyed for almost 15 years our own place in France. But because of the arrival of the children, who always had to sport on Saturday once they grew up, the long weekends that we loved so much in La Douce, were no longer possible. The sale of our little French corner went as good as the purchase: with flexibility. Thanks to William and his team.

SCI La Bluette


Dear William,
We wanted to thank you and your colleagues for all your efforts regarding the sale of our house in Alette. We had good advice and you were always very friendly. We always had quick answers on all our questions. Together you form a very precise team.


Dick and Marian

Purchase Sibiville 
Dear William,
We would like to thank you for the accompaniment of the purchase of our house in Sibiville. All our questions have been answered with care and also now that we have bought the house we can always contact you if we have any questions. We are enjoying our lovely home at 100%.


Thank you very much
We thank you and the team in France for the great collaboration on the sale of our house, the quick replies, the additional efforts with the declaration of the Capital Gains Taxation (Taxe sur la Plus-Value) and the whole process. Obviously, we will contact you in the future if necessary.


Bert Ingrid and David


We would like to thank you for your support and your efforts in all the practical matters while buying our dream house in France. We will also use your good advice for future renovations. In addition, you have left us a sales record with which we are very happy. All of the renovation activities are mentioned. In any case, we have noted your address for possible future buyers / sellers.

Thank you
Dear William,
Thanks for the help in selling our house in Tortefontaine, Pas-de-Calais, everything ended well. Thanks again for the great way it all happened.


Frans and Hetty

Perfect after-sales service
The agency Les Sept Vallées was extremely helpful in selling our house in the Pas-de-Calais region and advised us a realistic price. To our surprise, despite the bad market, a buyer was found within three weeks. But the service did not end there. When Les Sept Vallées discovered that the notary had calculated too much capital gains tax, they did everything to prove it to the French Tax administration and recovered for us the amount that was overpaid!
A perfect after-sales service!

Monique, Jan, Paula and Tijs

L'arbre Joly 
After visiting several houses, also with other agencies, Geraldine immediately understood what we were looking for and we visited the house in L'arbre Joly, which had just come on the market, and indeed it was precisely what we wanted. Last Saturday, the transfer took place and we were so happy!
Geraldine and William, thanks for the perfect accompaniment at the execution of the notarial deed, the help while opening a French bank account, settlement of the insurance policy, but especially to have found our "dream house" where we hope to be happy for a very long time!

Paul & Marion

Sale Mouriez 

Dear Mr. Van Vemde,
In the meantime we are back from holiday and the transfer of the house in Mouriez took place without any problem. We have been in contact with the buyers exclusively by mail and by telephone, without any complaints. I cannot name problematic things. If, however, we have questions about subsequent payments, I hope we can still ask you for advice. We thank you for your clear way of advising and executing this sale of our pleasant home in Mouriez.

Kees Voorbij

Sales Mediation

When selling our house in France, Les Sept Vallées took over a lot of things. The sale happened fairly quickly and smoothly. With all the associated procedures, it is not always easy to know how to sell a house in France. It's still expert work.
They know how to do it, they managed very well and kept us well informed along the way. The combination of a Dutch broker with a French colleague seemed ideal. Because the procedure concerning the sale, which nevertheless takes place in French, is explained in Dutch.
Overall, we can say that we had a pleasant and professional collaboration with 7V.

Hans and Sylvia

Thank you

Dear William,
On July 30th, the notary officially confirmed the purchase of our house in Willeman. We have already enjoyed our home for a few weeks. Now we are back in the Netherlands and look forward to the next visit.

We wanted to thank you and Alexander for assisting us with every aspect of the purchase, maybe we will use your services again in the future. In any case, we are already making a lot of publicity for your agency, because a lot of people we know are thinking about buying a house in France.
Kind Regards

Sandra and Jan-Willem 

Success Story
We, my brother and I, came to see your Saturday morning at 10 am in Les Sept Vallées, in the north of France. One of the houses, the presbytery, was just sold. However, your colleague, extremely enthusiastic, showed us 6 other houses.

The purpose of our visit was to get a glimpse of the area. It was successful, we were very charmed by the environment. Everything met our expectations. Only 3 hours and 15 minutes by car and we are already in the beautiful area of Les Sept Vallées.
Our visit should be considered as a success. We will visit the area again during the autumn holidays.


A great website!
First of all, I want to let you know that this is a great way to look and compare homes. It really is a very good website! It's been a few years since we've been looking for an ideal second home and that's why I'm going to create a profile.



Purchase in Picardy 
Last June, I visited the house in Picardy for the first time and the transfer has already taken place in September! I love the way everything is settled by the whole team of Les Sept Vallées, both in France and in The Netherlands. William and Alexander: Thank you for your beautiful work, accompaniment, translations, patience, useful advices and your personal involvement. My sincere compliments!

Everything went great today!
Everything went well today. We are happy owners with our beautiful property in France. Thanks for everything.


Lieven Tack

Thank you
Hello Alexander,

We wanted to thank you for all the help in the complicated process of purchasing our villa! It would never have succeeded without your help and efforts! In the meanwhile, we have lived there for quite some time and we are very happy. Our first customers were also happy. You are welcome to visit us any day! See: www.villabelvedere.nl


Great! It's sold!

William and Alexander: thank you! After we tried to sell our castle through two French brokers, it was a very refreshing experience to do business with quick, active and accurate Dutchmen. We did the visits ourselves but the subsequent treatment went through you. Our experience is that the local French real estate agents are not very active, they tax in an incorrect way and charge way too much! We have been back in the Netherlands for a few months now and we are really enjoying it. Thanks again! The former owners of the Château de la Brosse in Thenioux.
Martien Meiland & Erica Renkema

Saturday our dream came true! We have a house in France!

After a very pleasant signing of the contract with the notary (with champagne) we went to our "new-old" house. We have to rebuild / renovate our home the months to come to our standards, but we are already very happy. Geraldine and William, a big thank you for everything.

Arno & Natscha van Renswouw (and the kids).

Excellent mediation!

We are very happy with the house that Les Sept Vallées has found for us. And moreover, very happy with the progress of things: all went well thanks to Geraldine and William.

Sonja Vetter

Great website

It has been 10 years that we have bought a house in Estrées-les-Crécy through The Seven Valleys agency. We still have no regrets and we are enjoying it to the max. The Seven Valleys helped us with excellent mediation! We are still grateful. Our house is completely renovated and we I invite you to come and see us when we are there so you can see the changes. I often look at your website by pure interest. The old site was good, but the new one is even better. Greetings!

Jan A.Elissen

My compliments

First of all, congratulations on your website.

I've been looking for websites for brokers (French, English and Dutch) in France for a long time and your website is really different from the others. You have clear information, relevant questions for registration and profile as well as the quick handling of questions.


Finally a good website

Much easier to use!